Born in Tunisia (North Africa) my earliest memories of the creative process are of myself sitting at a school desk at the age of six or seven, drawing on pieces of paper. I lived in Tunisia until the age of sixteen, then moved to Paris, France to finish high school and to attend architecture school.

When I paint, my primary concern is color and content. I love the conflict between rushes of vibrant color and bold, stark lines. When I paint I try to make the ordinary more extraordinary, each work being a feeling of my personal state of mind at that time. I have always been fascinated by humanity, the erotic and sensual nature of life, the religious and spiritual side of human beings, the tragedies of people, and the urge to carry on regardless. Spending so much time intellectualizing or planning a painting is my last concern. My work is spontaneous and symbolic, it gives the viewers a freedom of imagination and an open interpretation.

I am very open to new techniques and new media, I am also a photography and digital art for years and will continue to do so.