The holiday season is fast approaching and some of our best art is yet to come!! Please join us for November and December as we hosts two very special and talented local artists, Ken Allen and Sherri Leeder

Ken Allen

Glass and metal surround us, they are both hard and inflexible, but with the application of heat, flame or force can yield to the hand that guides tools. I enjoy the challenge and serendipitous results that arise as I make use of the resulting chaos and structure to create these works.

Most of my pieces begin with no specific plan in mind, but come from the visual cues I get as I survey the materials I’ve chosen to work with. Working with a given material lends direction as I consider what may happen to it with heat, raw flame, or application of glass and combining other materials and objects to add color and texture.

All things in life are measured, none more than time. Analog clocks represent stationary and movement standpoints in our lives. Minute hands seem to stand frozen if glanced at, but do ever so perceptively moves forward if watched closely. By representing the clock-as-art, I present these works to capture the eye and encourage one to examine the moments by which we live.

Sherri Leeder

Vivid and colorful digital collages tell stories inspired by daydreams. Layers of photographs, vintage ephemera, and digital painting create whimsical and surreal works that take a break from the everyday. Let your mind wander.

To see more of Sheeri’s works, visit or Cary Gallery of Artists