Our favorite Fine-Artist-Illustrator-Designer-Writer-Coffee Roaster-Teacher is back! Welcome local artist Hoop&Stick (AKA, Brandon Spence) – nomad, extraordinaire, genius. We will be hosting a second artist reception for his latest collection, “Topple the Steeples; Tear Down the Flags” on Friday, October 27th from 6-9PM. This is his final show of this collection at Studio 180 Salon, so you don’t want to miss it!

Everything is Collage. You – Your Mom – This Statement – Your Ideas – Your Entire Worldview – Society – The Universe Itself.

Just as quarks come together to form atoms – to form molecules – to form complex structures – to form life, your innermost thoughts – beliefs – ideas are formed from the (often involuntary) acquisition, deconstruction, analysis, acceptance, rejection and reconstruction of previous thoughts – beliefs – ideas.

Hoop&Stick’s works will be on display at Studio 180 Salon through the end of October.